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346 El Camino Real, Redwood City CA, 94062

Phone: (650) 365-6738


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     Tuesday-Saturday 9:00AM-6:00PM

     Sunday Noon-6:00PM

     Closed Mondays

June 21, 2024 Update - We have Pullets, Silkies and other Chicks!

Products and Services:

Live Animals:

Chicks available hatched 6/5/24 - 6/19/24- Vaccinated for Mareks

     Bielefelder and Cream Legbar - Male and Female
     Ameraucana, Olive Egger, Buff Orpington, French Black Copper Maran - Not Sexed
     Serama and Japanese Bantam- Not Sexed
     Black and 
White Silkie Bantams - Not Sexed

Started Pullets (12-14 weeks, ready to integrate with your existing flock)

 Coop Ready Pullets (6-10 week, OK for new flock but need to wait 2-6 weeks before integrating with your flock) to include:

Chicks - Hatch from June 8, 2024

Chicks - Hatch from May 25, 2024